The leading edge of the home sewing revolution.

In 1867 a sewing machine, the “New England Single Thread Hand Sewing Machine” was first produced by William Barker and Andrew J. Clark. Over the next 20 years, the New England machine and the “Home Shuttle” were their two most significant products.  Then in 1882, the company reformed under the name New Home (a combination of the labels New England and Home Shuttle name) and it continued to operate under that name for the better part of a century. In 1960, New Home was purchased by the Janome Sewing Machine Company of Tokyo, Japan.

In Japanese the word Janome (pronounced Ja-NO-me) means “eye of the snake.” The company earned the name in the 1920s when they began to use a round metal bobbin system instead of the traditional shuttle. The Japanese thought the round bobbin looked like a snake’s eye and the name was born.

Janome introduced the world’s first programmable, computer sewing machine in 1979.  Today, Janome offers the most advanced machines ever conceived and can proudly claim to deliver the most powerful, sophisticated home machines on the market.   In 2008 Janome manufactured its 50 millionth machine and their machines continue to stand out in the industry for their ease of use and precise stitch results.

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