In 1908 Kanekichi Yasui established Yasui Sewing Machine Company. In 1925 Masayoshi Yasui inherits the company and renames it Yasui Brother’s Sewing Machine Company. In 1932 Yasui Brother’s began mass production of sewing machines. In 1947 Brother starts exporting sewing machines around the world. In 1954 the company was renamed Brother International Corporation. This same year Brother established a regional sales company in the United States, and started manufacturing knitting machines and home electric appliances. IN 1961 Brother expands its manufacturing to office business machines and machine tools. In 1971 Brother launches the worlds first high-speed

Dot-matrix printer. In 1985 Brother starts producing of the electronic typewriters.

Today, the same founding family is still committed to build high-quality, cost-efficient sewing, embroidery and quilting product for the sewing industry.

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